Aly B Permanent Cosmetics


  • Powder Brows
    Powder Brows will give you a defined brow look that will last 2-4 years with a touch-up in 4-6 weeks and a yearly color boost!
  • Lip Blushing
    Give your lips a more defined and brightened look!
  • Eyeliner
    Permanent Eyeliner
  • Powder Brow-Touch Up
    4-6 week touch-up after initial procedure!
  • Lip Blushing-Touch Up
    Touch-up for lip blushing!
  • Eyeliner-Touch Up
    Touch-up for eyeliner!
  • Powder Brows-Yearly Color Boost
    Yearly color boost for powder brows! Bring your brows back to life!
  • Lip Blushing-Yearly Color Boost
    Bring your lip color back to life!
  • Eyeliner-Yearly Color Boost
    Bring your eyeliner back to life!
  • Color/Shape Correction
    Color or Shape correction prices can vary! $400 is a start out price. If you have had prior permanent cosmetics schedule a consolation before your appointment to get exact price!
  • Faux Freckels
    Faux Freckles, this includes 10-12 freckles. $15 per additional freckle!
  • Saline Removal
    Saline Removal $400 per session, number of sessions needed will depend on person.
  • Consultation
    Consultations, we will pick out shapes, colors, and answer any questions you may have. If you book any procedure after the consultation, you will get $20 off you total!